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Terms & Conditions

By using this site, you signify your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not use this site. SCC Tuning (St Albans Car Clinic) may modify these Terms and Conditions at anytime.


  •  Previous arrangements that may have included free files for your own vehicles or alternative means of payment are now null and void.
  •  SCC Tuning does not accept BitCoin as a valid payment method.
  •  Refunds will only be authorised if the file we have supplied is found to be faulty – and only then if we are notified on the same day. Refunds will not be issued for any of the following:
    1. Non-payment from your customer
    2. If your customer is selling the car
    3. If your customer has not returned from the test drive
    4. If you have used a clone tool which then won’t apply the correct checksum
    5. Mistaken read file upload to SCC Tuning
    6. File upload to SCC Tuning during out of office hours and being unable to wait for a return
    A false request for a refund will result in immediate exclusion from our website and services.
  •  Original files are chargeable if the ecu is tuned by a non SCC Tuning source and requires returning to original.
  •  SCC Tuning is an automated service, and is therefore unable to provide any information on the quality of a previously tuned ECU.
  •  SCC Tuning supports mainly Stage 1 requests, along with the following Stage 2 options in most cases: speed limit removal; rear lambda delete; improved air filter; intercooler and exhaust system; some mil code deletes for rear O2 sensors, swirl inlet flaps, DPF, Adblue/DEF/SCR, and EGR. SCC Tuning does not offer the following:
    1. Custom maps
    2. Specialist brand maps
    3. Pop and Bangs Map Requests
    4. Supercharger conversion Map Requests
    5. Hybrid Turbo Map Requests
    6. Vehicles with Larger Injectors fitted
    7. Vehicles with Larger MAF sensor fitted
    8. Camshaft De-activation Map Requests
    9. Upgraded Fuel Pumps Map Requests
    10. Upgraded Diverter Valves Map Requests
    11. Hard Cut / Popcorn Limiters Map Requests
    12. Launch Control Map Requests
    13. Flat Shifting Map Requests
    14. Throttle Valve Actuators Disablement
    15. MAF Removal or Rescaling
    16. Start/Stop Disable Function
    17. Immobiliser Off Solutions
    18. EGR shut + EGR Removal solutions on Gasoline Vehicles
    19. Speed limiter off for trucks and tractors
    20. Key reprogramming solutions
    21. OBD Protection activation
    22. Engine swap ECU recoding
    23. MIL Codes relating to the Body Control Module or CANBus network eg. Uxxxx Bxxxx
    24. Speed Sensor and ABS Deletes
  •  SCC Tuning covers the majority of hardware in the market place. Alientech, Dimsport, Flashtec CMD, Magic Motorsport, Bitbox, Galletto MPPS, Autotuner, BDM, eprom chips, PCM Flash, I/O tool. The customer is responsible that the tool can build the checksum or the checksum is corrected before writing to the ECU.
  •  scctuning.co.uk payment, refund, and PayPal policy, Invoices can be settled using PayPal using an existing account. If you are not already registered with PayPal you will need to create an account, identifying yourself with your SCC Tuning login details on your payment instruction to us.
  •  By entering into a purchase arrangement with www.scctuning.co.uk, which provides non-physical goods, we do not offer refunds once your purchase has been made. For this reason, you will abstain from PayPal refund claims.


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This Agreement is effective unless and until terminated by either you or SCC Tuning (St Albans Car Clinic). You may terminate this Agreement at any time by no longer using this web site, provided that all prior uses of this web site shall be governed by this Agreement. SCC Tuning (St Albans Car Clinic) may terminate this Agreement at any time and without notice, and accordingly deny you access to this web site, in SCC Tuning (St Albans Car Clinic) sole discretion for any reason, including your failure to comply with any term or provision of this Agreement. Upon any termination of this Agreement by either you or SCC Tuning (St Albans Car Clinic), you must promptly destroy all materials downloaded or otherwise obtained from this web site, as well as all copies of such materials, whether made under the terms of this Agreement or otherwise.